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Our staff are polite and well-trained. Here are their bios.


Portrait of LaniMahinalani aka ‘Lani’

19 year old Arabian mare

Lani has been doing equine therapy for nearly 20 years with a wide variety of age groups and a range of diagnoses. She first started doing equine therapy with a toddler adopted out of an orphanage in China; from then on it was obvious that she had a special way with children and was perfect for therapy. She loves working with people; her true personality comes out when she has a job to do. Lani is very sweet and gentle; she gets along well with everyone. She has an ‘unassuming’ personality: she does her own thing and tries to not get involved with drama. She has taken on the role of ‘lead mare’ of the herd; she carries the well-being of the whole herd on her shoulders and keeps everyone in line. Lani is very athletic and likes to show off her moves at any given chance. She has a background of English and Western riding and is a talented jumper. She is highly intelligent and tries to do her best at everything she does.


Portrait of AnuheaAnuhea

9 year old Arabian mare

Anuhea is the daughter of Mahinalani. She can initially be very shy, but she forms strong connections with humans. Winning her trust is very much worth the effort. Anuhea is extremely playful. She is not a huge fan of being haltered, but if she finds a halter hanging on a fence or on the ground she will grab it and run, her way of playing “catch me if you can”. Though she is fully mature, she often appears to have the mind of a young horse. She is very gentle spirited, but is frightened easily. In a scary situation she will choose the flight option rather than fight. Anuhea can run incredibly fast and she knows it; she races with her mother around the pasture and has just recently started winning. She loves to learn and tries hard to do what is asked of her. She has done therapy for her whole life and is especially fascinated by working with small children.



13 year old Polish Arabian / Morgan mare

Sirena was rescued from a bad situation when she was a foal. Her health was extremely poor and her survival was a miracle. She is definitely not a ‘quitter’, but she is very stubborn. She tries hard in everything she does, but has a history of having very fragile relationships with humans. A recent unfortunate series of events including a coyote attack and some painful medical care has made Sirena even more selective of who she allows to handle her. A good way to start to earn her trust is by brushing her, which she loves. It calms her down and sometimes she’ll even fall asleep during a brushing session. Sirena is incredibly courageous and strong, but she is highly sensitive. She is extremely agile; she loves to run and jump. She has an exotic look, and sometimes when she moves she appears to be dancing. Sirena has done therapy for around 10 years with a variety of ages and diagnoses.



9 year old Falabella Miniature Horse mare

Bella will probably be the first to greet you as you arrive on the ranch, but she might be hard to find, she’s only 28 inches tall! She is very friendly and loves going to new places and meeting new people. She likes going to the parks, festivals, benefits, and hopes to spend some of her career working in hospitals and nursing homes. She loves to be brushed and have her hooves painted with glitter. She is also known to have a preference of wearing fairy wings.


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