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Horse-assisted psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children



ACCESS Equine Therapy is devoted to healing, counseling and recovery using tried and trusted techniques which involve horses. In many cases, therapy in the outdoor environment of the ranch is faster, more effective and longer-lasting  than would be typical in an office environment. Horses are matched with clients early in the process, and as the therapist observes the client’s interactions with the horse, issues are exposed which allow deep intervention at the neurological level.

The relaxed and fun atmosphere of the ranch, and the pleasure of interacting with the horses can also be enjoyed with the client’s family, which can accelerate healing and wellness.


  • Individual, couples, family and group therapy
  • Medical psychological consultations
  • Equine-assisted psychotherapy
  • Trauma evaluations
  • Medication management assistance
  • Disability advocacy
  • Multidisciplinary treatment coordination

A boy connecting with Star

"The Ladies"

Horses at the ranch

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The director of ACCESS (pictured on the left above) is a Registered Nurse and Doctor of Psychology, who has been a clinician for 30 years.

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